Performance Meets Value with TCL Monitors (27R83U)

With sharp display quality, TCL’s newest 27R83U Mini-LED monitor are designed for high-end gaming performance

TCL's QD-Mini LED combined QLED and OLED technologies to provide pixel-level precision backlight

It achieved VESA DisplayHDR 1400, the highest level of the Video Electronics Standards Association

It uses ultra-precision technology, novel quaternary quantum crystal materials, and Nobel Prize-winning QLED colour technology

The screen technology used in the best e-sports monitors worldwide is called TCL CSOT Fast-HVA

The ideal fusion of an ultra-high refresh rate of 160Hz with 4K resolution creates a visual experience that is more subtle, fluid, and authentic

The lightning-fast reaction minimises smearing and blurring of images, enabling you to seize targets on the battlefield with more speed

The feature-rich 90W Type-C interface allows 90W reverse charging and can transmit data at up to 10Gbps at high speed

One keyboard, mouse, and TCL monitor can control many PCs, saving space and tidying up the desktop

One TCL monitor may show screens from many jobs at once, and it supports picture-in-picture and left-and right-split-screen modes