Tecno Spark 20 Pro Plus: Budget Premium Features

Currently seeing market expansion, the Tecno Spark 20 Pro Plus smartphone is promoted as providing a mid-range experience at a reasonable cost

The Spark 20 Pro Plus’s design immediately catches your attention. It has an upscale vibe to it that belies its cost

The Tecno Spark 20 Pro Plus has a decently big 6.78-inch AMOLED screen. Displaying deep blacks, bright colours, and great contrast

It comes with 8GB of RAM, but thanks to Tecno’s Memory Fusion technology, that amount can be essentially increased to 16GB

The camera can take passable pictures with good detail and colour reproduction under favourable lighting conditions

HiOS 13, Tecno’s own Android-based user interface, powers the Spark 20 Pro+

The Tecno Spark 20 Pro Plus presents itself as an affordable choice, and it keeps its word