TensorRT Acceleration for Stable Diffusion 3

AI PCs are here with NVIDIA RTX and GeForce RTX It also introduces new nomenclature that can confuse desktop and laptop buyers and a new approach to evaluate AI-accelerated job performance

The AI Decoded series showcases new RTX PC hardware, software, tools, and accelerations while demystifying AI

Many generative AI jobs are harder. The NVIDIA RTX and GeForce RTX GPUs offer unprecedented speed for all generative activities; the GeForce RTX 4090 GPU has over 1,300 TOPS

AI super resolution in PC gaming, text/video visual synthesis, local LLM querying, and other activities require computer power

RTX GPUs are ideal for LLMs due to their large VRAM, Tensor Cores, and TensorRT-LLM software

GeForce and NVIDIA RTX GPUs with 24GB and 48GB high-speed VRAM can support larger models and batch sizes

NVIDIA TensorRT SDK offers the highest-performance generative AI on over 100 million Windows PCs and workstations powered by RTX GPUs

processing the AI model using an RTX GPU instead of a CPU or NPU, these results are faster

Performance is improved using TensorRT in Automatic1111. SDXL Base checkpoints allow RTX users to take pictures twice as fast, simplifying Stable Diffusion

TensorRT acceleration speeds the UL Procyon AI Image Generation benchmark on a GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER GPU by 50% For more details Govindhtech.com