TensorRT-LLM for Next-Gen Chatbots

A free, user-friendly chatbot demo that is tailored to your area is called Chat with RTX

It is compatible with many open-source LLMs, including as Mistral’s Mistral and Meta’s Llama 2. In a later version, support for Google’s Gemma will arrive

NVIDIA AI Decoded showcases new RTX PC and workstation accelerations and hardware to demystify AI and make it more approachable

Chatbots are among the first widely used applications of AI, whether it is experiencing an iPhone moment

Large text summaries, data classification and mining for insights, and producing new text in a user-specified style, tone, or format are among the many skills that LLMs excel 

They can help with communication in any language, even ones that are not spoken by people, such genetic, computer, or protein sequences

Although the first LLMs only processed text, later models trained on other data. Images, music, videos, and other content can be recognized and generated.