Test 32GB Mini-ITX Laptop Performance, portability

The Mini-ITX board became a laptop with 32GB of RAM and a battery

A 1TB Muskhin pilot-e NVMe Gen 3 drive is linked to ASRock’s N100DC-ITX board and 32 GB of 3200 MT/s Mushkin Essentials DDR4 RAM

The Intel N100, included inside the ASRock N100DC-ITX motherboard, has 4 cores and 4 threads of Alder Lake architecture

The device provides wide-voltage DC power via a jack and can use laptop power bricks instead of ATX power supplies

IGPUs are easier to incorporate than DGPUs due to space constraints, hence AMD doesn’t do well here

The Mini-ITX board and its parts, so you may adjust performance and features to suit your requirements

Low-power processors (APUs) appropriate for simple jobs and light gaming are frequently found on mini-ITX boards