The Gigabyte GIGA POD for AI and Energy Efficiency

GIGABYTE plans to provide NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 systems in Q1 2025 to support advances in accelerated computing and generative AI

The GIGABYTE booth features GIGA POD, a rack-scale AI solution from GIGABYTE, together with all current and upcoming CPU and accelerated computing technologies

Newer solutions such the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, NVIDIA HGX B100, H200, and OAM baseboard GPU systems demonstrate GIGA POD's adaptability

The GIGABYTE motherboards for AMD EPYC 4004, Intel Xeon W-3400, Intel Xeon 6, and other AMD and Intel processor series have server-grade RAS and BMC chips

Enterprise products from GIGABYTE are superior in terms of availability, dependability, and serviceability

GIGABYTE has experience with all conceivable hardware configurations, data centre sizes, and IT infrastructure types

GIGA POD can grow from one GIGABYTE GPU server to eight racks with 32 GPU nodes (256 GPUs) for a high-performance supercomputer