The most of your events-driven architecture investments

Organisations increasingly employ events-driven architecture (EDA) as an operational strategy to stay well ahead of their competition

According to IDC, 36% of IT leaders said that using technology to enable real-time decision-making was essential for business success as of 2022

Apache Kafka, which is at the forefront of this revolution in event-driven computing. It gives companies the ability to gather and analyze data in real time

Businesses must efficiently manage and socialize these events even though Apache Kafka helps them create scalable and resilient applications

Additionally, teams can reuse events to maximize the benefits of individual streams when they have dependable access to pertinent event catalogs

A significant technological investment necessitates observable benefits in the form of improved business operations

Even though you may receive a deluge of raw events, Apache Flink is necessary to turn them into meaningful events for your company

Rather than needing proficient programmers in Flink structured query language (SQL), other business teams can quickly derive useful insights from pertinent events