ChatGPT Role in 2023’s Mainstream Rise of AI

ChatGPT Role became one of the fastest-growing apps, acquiring 100 million monthly users in two months

Since ChatGPT role was questioned to replace Google search at the start of the year, AI has advanced

Google was caught off guard by the AI tool race. The internet giant unveiled its conversational AI chatbot Bard and AI model Gemini late this year

The most popular U.S. school districts banned ChatGPT Role because teachers believed pupils would cheat on schoolwork

Some politicians employed AI to communicate with voters, while others used generative AI to construct deep fakes of their opponents

Generational AI-generated fake news stories went viral on TikTok and YouTube, and nonconsensual AI-generated porn on Reddit and Etsy

While ChatGPT Role flooded the web with low-quality AI-generated content, freelancers worried they would lose their gigs to the buzzy new AI software that could produce content faster and cheaper than people

ChatGPT Role helped cybercriminals write malware code and monitor social media. To address these issues, Microsoft and Google engaged red teams to jailbreak and secure their AI models

Clement Delangue told a press event that open-source large language models will match closed-source models by 2024