The New iPad Pro OLED 2024

Apple, the introduction of the 2024 iPad Pro with its breathtaking OLED display signaled a sea change

This article discusses how the OLED iPad Pro lays the groundwork for a new generation of slim Apple devices

Apple's obsession with thinness began with the 2001 PowerBook G4

The 2008 MacBook Air revolutionised the ultraportable notebook industry, continuing this commitment to elegance

As iPhones thickened, they could house bigger batteries and better cameras

With the 2015 arrival of the larger iPad Pro, the formerly modest iPad lineup saw a similar trend

The magic of OLED is its self-illuminating pixels. Small OLED screens don't need backlights like LCD screens. This let Apple thin the iPad Pro

OLED technology and enhanced internal component miniaturisation could make a MacBook lighter and thinner than the Air

OLED displays and more efficient battery architecture could make future iPhones light and compact

Apple must optimise battery technology and power efficiency to keep these little gadgets running all day

With its stunning display, robust performance, and versatile features, the OLED iPad Pro is the perfect productivity partner