The Ultimate Matchup: Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 4!

Revealing Redmi Watch 4’s Superiority, One Step Forward to Redmi Watch 3. Xiaomi’s smartphone is Redmi lineup of smartwatches

Let’s all evaluate the positive aspects that set the new Redmi Watch 4 apart from the predecessor, the Redmi Watch 3

The previously ultra-large 1.97″ Samsung surface on the Apple Watch 4, which provides a 26 percent rise in display coverage over the Redmi Watch 3

The Redmi Watch 4 design departs from the Redmi Watch 3 by introducing a robust and dependable aluminum alloy frame

Redmi Watch 4 goes beyond the ordinary thanks to its flexible analysis of heart rate, SpO₂, sleep, and different variables

Compared to the Redmi Watch 3, which had a 12-day estimated battery life, the Redmi Watch 4 has an amazing 20-day battery life in usual use mode

The Redmi Watch 4 leads the way in the age of seamless communication with its capability for Bluetooth phone calls