Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a secure cryptoprocessor chip on your computer’s motherboard

In fact, Trusted Platform Module 2.0 needs to be activated in ALL desktop and server variants of Windows 10 and 11

Intel must communicate with Windows Core Security features, namely the TPM Base Services software component and related API

To load your application-specific key into the TPM, use the TPM 2.0 tools

You can use this commands or libraries such as tpm2-tss to execute cryptographic operations on the TPM-resident key

You can use the tpm2 flushcontext command to unload the TPM-resident key if you no longer require it: tpm2 flushcontext -c context.out

TPM 2.0’s hardware isolation makes key theft and tampering much harder than with software-based systems

BitLocker Drive TPM 2.0 securely holds encryption keys, strengthening encryption and other functions