Two new features will debut in iOS 18 beta 2 on Monday

The beta 2 release of iOS 18 has been slated for next Monday, according to a recent announcement from Apple

iOS 18 beta 2 expands on the SharePlay feature by enabling you to immediately share your iPhone screen with other people when on a FaceTime chat

Apple has disclosed more features that are slated for the iOS 18, even though these two enhancements are confirmed for beta 2

It gains knowledge of your daily phone usage patterns, favourite apps, and often requested information

iOS 18 is anticipated to include enhanced text summary tools, translation capabilities, and grammar checking

The days of a constrictive grid structure are over. With iOS 18, you may arrange widgets and apps wherever you choose on your Home Screen

Watch the official developer website and news channels of Apple for the most recent updates on features and beta releases for iOS 18