UFS 4.1 for Galaxy S25 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra speculations abound. Leaks indicate a massive storage department update to UFS 4.1, but official information are still hidden

For the purpose of storing data and apps, smartphones utilise flash storage, namely Universal Flash Storage (UFS)

With UFS 4.0, Samsung’s flagship device for now, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, offers remarkable performance for daily workloads

On-device AI could gain from the purported optimisations in UFS 4.1 in a few ways

UFS 4.1’s possible speed and efficiency gains could help the phone in several ways, even if the emphasis appears to be on AI optimisation

Samsung is reportedly leading the UFS 4.1 initiative, but Apple and Google are anticipated to follow

The possibility of the Galaxy S25 Ultra allegedly having UFS 4.1 storage is exciting