Ultimate AI Gaming Laptop: MSI Pulse 16 AI C1V

MSI Pulse 16 / 17 AI Series laptops can run any game and have smart AI to improve your gaming experience

MSI Pulse 16 / 17 AI Series has the Intel Core Ultra 9 CPU for AI tasks

The Pulse 16 / 17 AI series sports the latest DLSS 3.5 technology, which uses AI to boost FPS and visual quality, and a GPU as powerful as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070

MSI Pulse AI Series laptops have a unique and cutting-edge cooling system that keeps them cool even under heavy load

MSI Pulse AI Series has 6 exhaust and 2 intake ports for Cooler Boost 5

The latest Pulse AI Series has a QHD+ 240Hz display and 16:10 screen ratio for stunning visuals

The Dragon Warriors are facing fresh challenges after years of supremacy

Additionally, the laptop has two display outputs, allowing you to connect additional displays for enhanced work and gaming