Ultimate Guide Cloud Spanner Emulator Testing Integrated!

To guarantee that Spanner integrates seamlessly into your apps, as a developer, you must do extensive testing

For the purpose of quickly developing applications supported by a Spanner database, the emulator imitates the behavior of Spanner outside of Google Cloud

Integrated inside the platform where her code resides, GitHub Actions automates the running of tests. Like this, other CI/CD systems will function

GitHub Actions are the ideal choice for her automated integration tests since our service code is kept in a GitHub repository

The integration test for the profile service will be examined first, followed by the process that makes use of Github Actions to allow automated integration testing

In order to facilitate communication between the “emulator” container and any container or process having network access, a Docker network is used for networking

If not, your Google Cloud project’s Spanner instance would be the one that the Spanner library would be searching for