Upgrade the Foldable MacBook with Apple's M5 Chipset

The fold that develops as the screen bends is one of the main issues with existing foldable technology

Producing a foldable display that is genuinely free of creases is a difficult task

Enhanced polymer substrates or ultra-thin glass may enable displays that bend without creasing

A strong, complicated hinge with multiple flexing points can resist more pressure and seem less wrinkled

Materials that are capable of self-repairing small flaws could eventually lessen the crease. This is a futuristic idea known as “self-healing materials"

With the M5 expected to provide a notable performance increase over existing MacBook models, the M1 and M2 CPUs would have been successfully released

Due to improved display technology and a strong M5 chip, analysts predict the foldable MacBook will cost approximately the same as the Apple Vision Pro helmet, which starts at $3,499