Watch Dell Precision Workstations Improve AI Workflow

This era of AI-driven organisational transformation offers many interesting new opportunities

Using AI LLMs, speech-to-text, and real-time 3D images, digital assistants deliver customised help, answer AI inquiries, and enhance attendance

Consider digital assistants as a cross between cutting edge technology and human-like communication

Imagine being able to navigate the event with ease, all while having a friendly concierge who appears as a 3D figure on a monitor

The future of customer service, assistance, and event concierge is digital assistants. They combine data, AI, and a charming personal touch

with NVIDIA AI Workbench, a development environment for exploring, testing, and prototyping AI and machine learning workloads, revolutionising creative processes

Invoke, AI Workbench, and Dell Precision AI-ready workstations could revolutionise visual content creation

Four NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs in a Dell Precision 7960 mix creativity and technology for streaming at Dell's Modern Workplace event expo