Watch OS 11 Beta New Features

Apple expects WatchOS 11 will improve the Apple Watch's functionality and usability to boost its wearable tech market share

The iPhone Health app interacts with the Sleep app to show trends and provide personalised sleep coaching

WatchOS 11 improves heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring. This can detect stress and heart disease early

Apple offered Pilates, functional strength training, and dancing. These upgrades improve Apple Watch workout versatility

Add, remove, and rearrange controls to fit your preferences for faster access to critical functions

WatchOS 11’s Messages app has new emoji, stickers, and voice messaging

The Walkie-Talkie app, debuted in WatchOS 5, has been updated to increase dependability and use

Apple allows customers to safely share health data with family, carers, and healthcare providers

In WatchOS 11, SwiftUI has been enhanced to allow developers to design more sophisticated and responsive interfaces

Developers may use the new APIs and tools to create more creative and personalised apps