Watsonx Orders: Voice Assistant AI Invading Restaurants

IBM have developed an AI-powered voice agent with IBM Watsonx Orders to process drive-thru orders without the need for human intervention

IBM When Watsonx Orders notices a car approaching the speaker post, the procedure starts

Watsonx Orders forwards the order to the kitchen and point of sale if the customer certifies that everything appears correct

Isolating human speech and disregarding distracting sounds from the surroundings constitutes the first step

Understanding speech, including the complexities of accents, colloquialisms, emotions, and misstatements, is covered in the second section

Converting speech data into an action that represents customer intent constitutes the third and final step

A voice agent chatbot most likely answers the phone first when you call your bank or utility company, inquiring as to why you’re calling

Watsonx Orders uses machine learning techniques to perform digital noise and echo cancellation while it records audio in real-time

When Watsonx Orders are in production, they can fulfill over 90% of orders without assistance from a human