WDC's AI Data Cycle Storage Framework Innovation

Western Digital's six-stage AI Data Cycle approach dictates the best storage mix for AI workloads at scale, fueling the next AI innovation wave

AI models process text, images, audio, and video while creating new, unique data in a continuous Data Cycle generation and consumption

Western Digital today launched an industry-leading, high-performance PCIe Gen5 SSD

PCIe Gen5 SSD for AI training and inference, 64TB SSD for rapid AI data lakes, and UltraSMR 32TB HDD, the world's greatest capacity ePMR

AI landscape with its strong market position and extensive portfolio, which covers a variety of needs across several AI data cycle phases

Its ultra-low latency, 16TB capacity, and amazing responsiveness make it perfect for large language model (LLM) training, inferencing, and AI service deployment

The 32TB ePMR enterprise-class HDD with the largest capacity in the market is now being sampled by Western Digital for a limited number of clients