What is an NPU?NPU vs. GPU vs. CPU differences

Is an NPU what it is? Why is it essential to the process of activating generative AI on the device?

It is designed specifically for artificial intelligence and works in conjunction with the other processors to speed up generative AI experiences

It becomes manifestly evident a new computing architecture that is specifically intended for artificial intelligence is required in order to meet the rising demand for generative AI

subsequently starts out using a neural network processor (NPU) that the was developed from the very beginning with the goal of generated intelligent machines

In order to allow new and improved generative artificial intelligence experiences, heterogeneous computing enhances application performance, thermal efficiency, and battery life

It is necessary to have a variety of processors in order to meet the various criteria and computing demands of generative artificial intelligence

Computing that is heterogeneous increases application performance, device thermal efficiency, and battery life in order to enhance the experiences that end-users have with generative artificial intelligence