Why Corsair is Relocating Origin PC Production to Atlanta?

Corsair Gaming, a leading supplier of high-performance gaming accessories and PC parts, stated today that its ORIGIN PC production facility will move to Atlanta

The choice was made in response to Corsair’s triumphant opening of its cutting-edge production plant in Taiwan

Design, engineering, and manufacturing teams work together more closely when ORIGIN PC is integrated into the current infrastructure

Customers will have even more customization options thanks to this streamlined approach, enabling them to further personalize their ideal PCs

In order to handle ORIGIN PC and other Corsair products, the Atlanta facility has expanded

The increased capacity guarantees quicker delivery and build times, satisfying the increasing demand for high-performance custom PCs

By integrating ORIGIN PC with current Corsair operations, inventory management and logistics are streamlined, which may result in cost savings and increased operational efficacy overall

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