Why Your Data Centre Is Ideal for AMD EPYC CPUs?

EDA integrates hardware, software, and services to define, plan, design, develop, test, and manufacture semiconductors

They use existing AMD EPYC CPUs to build future ones, therefore optimizing EDA performance is crucial to their company’s success

This may help you to boost performance or minimize data centre footprint. Due to 4th Gen AMD EPYC CPU higher maximum core count than 3rd Gen CPUs

AMD tested all single-socket servers with selected 16, 32, and top-of-stack 64- and 96-core 3rd and 4th Gen AMD EPYC CPUs

They tested AMD EPYC CPUs with different core counts to determine the tradeoff between per-core performance and core count

These studies demonstrate the compelling value of 4th Gen AMD EPYC CPUs for customer-specific EDA applications

AMD may anticipate even improved optimization of EDA tools for EPYC processors as long as AMD and EDA software firms like Synopsys continue to collaborate