Wi-Fi 6, DDR5 in AM5 Board: Sapphire Nitro+ B650I

Sapphire’s Nitro+ B650I AM5 motherboard astonished many PC enthusiasts, who know them for their high-performance graphics cards

This Mini-ITX board is a good choice for individuals who want a compact, powerful Ryzen 7000 series PC at a low price

The Sapphire Nitro+ B650I is designed to conform to the requirements of the Mini-ITX form factor, with each side measuring around 170 millimeters

This guarantees that customers can have the most potent AMD CPUs on the market right now

An 8-layer printed circuit board (PCB) and an 8+2 phase digital power delivery system are both featured on the motherboard

This enables users to benefit from DDR5 memory’s high bandwidth capabilities, which are essential for jobs like gaming and video development

Four SATA III ports are also available for attaching conventional hard drives and other SATA-based devices