Windows 11 gaming laptop Dell Alienware x16 review

Their multi-touch AlienFX touchpad, which is 15.5% larger than the x15’s touchpad and features integrated scrolling and customisable illumination

The Legend 3 design is more upscale, textured, and futuristic than before, right down to the tiniest detail

The product has a distinctive appearance and premium feel due to its metal structure and two-tone finish

The combination of the Lunar Light-magnesium alloy rear and they new Lunar Silver colour on anodized aluminium creates an incredibly upscale appearance and feel

The groundbreaking AI-driven graphics technology DLSS 3 on NVIDIA has changed the way acceleration works

GPUs from the GeForce RTX 40 Series are designed to run games more smoothly than ever thanks to enhanced ray tracing, AI performance

NVIDIA Reflex technology is designed to help you win by swiftly and intelligently reducing lag between your mouse, GPU, and display