Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0

Xiaomi is testing HyperOS 2.0. XiaomiTime detected evidence of HyperOS 2.0 testing. Recent weeks have seen HyperOS 2.0 leaks

The XiaomiTime team's key discovery confirms HyperOS 2.0's testing. They will now make this vital statement. HyperOS 2.0 launches in October

Xiaomi advanced HyperOS 2.0. New Xiaomi OTA server extension: OSBigversion. This new addon lists Xiaomi HyperOS versions

The OTA server recognises new HyperOS versions. An upgraded plugin lets you install new HyperOS versions effortlessly

The update was created with V15 before HyperOS 1.0. This makes MIUI 15 HyperOS 1.0. Xiaomi may be developing a new OS

Xiaomi has begun testing Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0. It offers new features and cutting-edge technology to improve user experience

HyperOS 2.0 boosts performance. Advanced resource management and app launches increase system performance and app launches in the new OS

Xiaomi has launched extensive beta testing for HyperOS 2.0 with a small set of consumers and developers