XPG Core Reactor II VE PSU with Vento PWM Fan

XPG has introduced a new range of entry-level Gold efficiency power supply units and ARGB PWM fans in an effort to meet the demands of PC builders of all skill levels

This power supply uses XPG’s unique PSU topology, which is inspired by the design of the award-winning CORE REACTOR II

The XPG CORE REACTOR II VE, available in 650W, 750W, and 850W models, is the ideal base for a current generation build

XPG is expanding its compatible offerings in response to the growing demand for software support in all things PC DIY

It only takes a few clicks to synchronise the RGB lighting on all of your fans thanks to daisy-chain compatibility

XPG INVADER X mid-tower chassis would be the ideal way to display the vibrant synchronised lighting of your new VENTO 120 R ARGB PWM fans

This device has a DC-DC circuit design for improved consistency, stability, and performance